NADL is India’s leading Account Aggregation platform empowering customers to harness the power of their Financial Information

Who is an Account Aggregator?

Account Aggregators (AA), a new type of NBFC regulated by RBI, shares financial information about a customer from multiple sources where the customer has relationships and provides a consolidated report. The aggregation is done only with the explicit consent of the customer.

To illustrate, Account Aggregator services could be used by banks for processing a customer's loan application. Based on the customer’s consent, the Account Aggregator would pull out the customer’s financial information from various financial institutions and provide the same in a consolidated format to the bank. Since this entire process is digital, it ensures speedy loan decision to the end customer by the bank.

Why Choose NADL?

  • NADL is Union Government company and a wholly owned subsidiary of NeSL (National e Governance Services Ltd.)  -India's first and only Information Utility under the aegis of the Insolvency and Bankruptcy Code, 2016 (IBC).
  • NeSL is backed by strong institutional promoters who are marquee names in the   Indian financial sector.
  • The NADL Account Aggregator platform ensures strict compliance to regulations.
  • NADL is Industry leading practices for Data Privacy and Security.

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