FAQ: Frequently Asked Questions

If you have any query which is not covered by the below questions, kindly drop us a mail at helpdesk@nadl.co.in or call the Help Desk numbers given in the ‘Contact Us’ section of the website


  • NADL is the short form of NESL Asset Data Limited.
  • NADL has been issued a Certificate of Registration by the RBI to function as an Account Aggregator, on 13th August, 2020.
  • The functioning of NADL AA is regulated by the Reserve Bank of India (RBI).
  • NADL is a wholly owned subsidiary of National E-Governance Services Limited (NeSL). NeSL has been promoted by large banks and financial institutions and is India’s first Information Utility (IU). To know more about NeSL, please visit www.nesl.co.in.
  • NADL is governed by a Board consisting of senior bankers and IAS officers with key corporate governance policies and practices in place. You can read more about the company at www.nadl.co.in/about-us.

Account Aggregation

  • Account Aggregation is the process of collecting your financial asset information (balances/profile/statements) which is called ‘Financial Information’ from financial institutions such as banks, insurance companies etc. and presenting it to you in an aggregated manner. This information is collected based on your consent given to the institutions where the accounts are held. This information can also be shared by you with other institutions for various purposes such as availing a loan, wealth management, etc.


  • As per the Master Directions of RBI, “Customer” for the purpose of these directions means a ‘person’ who has entered into a contractual arrangement with the Account Aggregator to avail services provided by the Account Aggregator.
  • Accordingly, those who are registered and having a valid VUA (Virtual User Address) through our consumer portal or Android/iOS App will be our customers.


  • “Financial Information Provider” means bank, banking company, non-banking financial company, asset management company, depository, depository participant, insurance company, insurance repository, pension fund and such other entity as may be identified by the Reserve Bank for the purposes of the Master directions, from time to time.
  • “Financial Information User” means an entity registered with and regulated by any financial sector regulator.
  • “Financial Sector Regulator” for the purpose of the Master Directions, shall mean the Reserve Bank of India, Securities and Exchange Board of India, Insurance Regulatory and Development Authority and Pension Fund Regulatory and Development Authority.

Financial Information

  • Financial Information can be from any of the following, as defined by Reserve Bank of India (RBI) in its Master Directions issued in September, 2016:
    • a. Bank deposits including fixed deposit accounts, savings deposit accounts, recurring deposit accounts and current deposit accounts
    • b. Deposits with NBFCs
    • c. Structured Investment Product (SIP)
    • d. Commercial Paper (CP)
    • e. Certificates of Deposit (CD)
    • f. Government Securities (Tradable)
    • g. Equity Shares
    • h. Bonds
    • i. Debentures
    • j. Mutual Fund Units
    • k. Exchange Traded Funds
    • l. Indian Depository Receipts
    • m. CIS (Collective Investment Schemes) units
    • n. Alternate Investment Funds (AIF) units
    • o. Insurance Policies
    • p. Balances under the National Pension System (NPS)
    • q. Units of Infrastructure Investment Trusts 
    • r. Units of Real Estate Investment Trusts
    • s. Credit Cards
    • t. Any other information as may be specified by RBI for the purposes of these directions, from time to time

Note: Presently we are supporting only fixed deposit, savings deposit and current deposit accounts for linking and discovery

Security of NADL AA Account

  • NADL AA does not store financial information. All financial information sourced with the consent of the customer flows between the Financial Information Provider (FIP) and the Customer or the Financial Information User (FIU) authorized by the customer in an end-to-end encrypted flow.
  • NADL AA’s privacy policy protects Information, including the individual’s / user’s sensitive personal data or information as disclosed and/or submitted to NADL AA.
  • No, the data cannot be viewed as it would be encrypted end to end from the FIP to the FIU. NADL is blind to the data and only has access to customer profile data which is captured at the time of onboarding.


  • If you use an Android mobile/iOS mobile, you can download the NADL AA App from Google Play Store/iOS App Store.  
  • Visit www.nadl.co.in where a link is given to Google Play Store.
  • You can also register direct on our website through the web portal link provided there.
  • Yes. You can have multiple accounts/registrations with NADL AA account.
  • No, it is for only Indian accounts, i.e., accounts with Indian branches of Indian or Foreign banks/insurance companies, etc.
  • Yes, you can also open an account with NADL AA.
  • NADL AA does not issue any account number. Each customer is identified by a VUA (Virtual User Address). The VUA can be chosen by you, for example someone named Ravi can choose ravi@nadl. However, if ravi@nadl is already taken by someone else, he can opt for adding a number or word, say ravi1@nadl.
  • We require any one of the following OVDs (Officially Valid Documents) at the time of opening the account.
  • For Individual-

    • Aadhaar (xml/pdf)
    • Driving License (DL)
    • Voter ID
    • PAN card
    • For Non-individual-
      • Aadhaar (xml/pdf) of the representative or
      • Driving License (DL) of the representative or
      • Voter ID of the representative or
      • PAN card of the representative
      • PAN Card of the entity mandatory
      • Authorization letter for the representative of the entity mandatory
    • For individual user, it is not mandatory.
    • For non-individual user, it is mandatory.
    • RBI Master Directions require for a proper customer identification to be done. Accordingly, NADL AA asks for customer verification.
    • Your Name, Date of Birth, Mobile Number and Email id are to be entered when you register with NADL AA. This information is used to verify your details as part of the NADL AA’s Customer Identification process.
    • This information is stored by NADL AA in a secured environment and is never shared with third parties, except for the purpose of verification by the financial institutions before sending your financial information.

    Services & Fees

    • You can pay using net banking or debit/credit cards through our online payment gateway.
    • Yes, you can pause/deactivate the services for a specific period at any time by using the option under your ‘profile’ section. For closing the account, you have to use the ‘deregister’ option under your ‘profile’. Once de-registered, your account with NADL AA stands closed and if you want to avail the services of NADL AA, you will need to register afresh.
    • Fees paid are not refundable.

    Operating the NADL AA Account

    • The customer has the option of choosing the accounts that he wants to link to his NADL AA account. He can choose one or more or all the accounts by clicking in the box provided for the purpose.
    • You have to give a consent for the purpose (loan/wealth management, etc.) after choosing the financial institution (bank, etc.) where the account is held and also selecting the account/s that you want to be aggregated. This consent is then sent to the institutions concerned through a secure, encrypted API call and once the information is ready, you will receive an intimation that your report is ready and you can access the same.
    • Consents are given for specific periods. There is a provision to revoke your active consent by selecting the consent to be revoked and confirming the same. Once revoked, the consent will not be acted upon for the remainder of the period of the original consent and related reports will also not be generated.
    • Consents once given, cannot be modified. However, they can be revoked and new consents can be given as per your requirement.
    • No, you cannot access closed account data using account aggregation.


    • A report is requested by entering the start and end dates and clicking the ‘proceed’ button. As per the RBI Master Directions, all reports are to be generated in real time, however, there may be a slight delay depending on the response time of the requested banks.
    • The report downloaded on your mobile app can be shared by you via email, WhatsApp etc. as an attachment.
    • The report can be requested at hourly/daily/monthly/yearly and annual frequencies.
    • To stop getting the report, customer has to revoke the consent given by him.
    • By using the pause option to pause the consent, you will not get the report for the specified interval for which the consent has been paused.
    • No, NADL AA doesn’t guarantee the balances shown in the report. However, the balances are real-time (as of the time of retrieval) financial information sourced directly from the banks/institutions where the accounts are held by the customer.

    Complaint related

    • The company has appointed a Grievance Redressal Officer, who may be approached by the customers/public for lodging complaints/grievances against the company as detailed under ‘Contact Us’ in our website www.nadl.co.in/grievance-redressal/.
    • In terms of the RBI regulations, if the complaint / dispute is not redressed within a period of one month, the customer may appeal to the Reserve Bank of India.
    • The grievance redressal officer of NADL AA is the Operations Manager, Shri Prannoy Kumar.

    Consent related

    • In case of Self Consents, i.e., the Consents created by the customer using AA application for their personal use, the Consents come directly under the Active Tab and are be automatic approved.
    • In case of FIU raised Consents, the Consent Requests first come under the Pending tab and only after approval they are moved to the Active Tab.
    • Yes, you can withdraw your consent using the revoke option. This facility is available only for self-generated consents.
    • Consents can be given institution wise.
    • No, the users cannot port their Consent from one AA to another.


    • No, you cannot aggregate your loan information.
    • Account aggregator can share financial information of the customers with their consent to financial institution for loan processing.