Tariff for NADL Account Aggregator Services

I. Transaction-based model for Financial Information Users (FIUs)
Fees – Rs 5 per transaction (excluding taxes)

II. Bulk Model for FIUs

FIU Type Annual fee chargeable upfront for 12 months
Amt. in Rs.
(excluding taxes)
Shareholding Institutions
(of NeSL)
Other Entities 15,00,000

Notes on Tariff & Billing

  • Transaction refers to ‘a delivered financial information report’.
  • Billing and service period would be for a minimum 12-month period, contracted in advance

Tariff Structure includes the following

  • Onboarding of customers
  • Account Discovery and Linking
  • Consent registrations
  • Data Requests

Tariff Structure excludes the following:

  • Any cost of the middleware and related customization at the FIU/FIP end required to connect with the NADL Account Aggregator (AA) or other AA platforms.
  • Any Convenience Fee / Charges that may be levied by payment gateway if their services are availed.

Direct Customers

  • Fee structure would be published on launch of service for Direct Customers